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TEXWELL GROUP is divided into two entities. One is TEXWELL Textile Co., Ltd, and the other is Zhe-Jiang TEXWELL Textile Co., Ltd.TEXWELL Textile includes CHERNG DERN Enterprise Co., Ltd (Knitting Factory) and HWANG YIH Textile Co., Ltd (Dyeing Factory). Zhe-Jiang TEXWELL Textile encompasses Zhe-Jiang HOUN HAI Weaving Co., Ltd and Hai-Ning HAN CHEN Textile Co., Ltd.

In terms of fabric, TEXWELL GROUP has established complete production-chain from knitting to dyeing. It is a big boost to shorten the lead time and transport cost; furthermore, it is also a guarantee producing good quality constantly. Therefore, we always provide our customers best quality with shortest time at highest speed.

This is the advantage that TEXWELL GROUP always meets customers’ wants and needs; in addition, we have gone through lots of economic crises in such a fiercely competitive business arena. TEXWELL GROUP is making profits stably and earning customers’ trusts, for instance, Adidas,  Li-Ning, Columbia, Kappa, Mizuno, L.L.Bean, and Polo. TEXWELL GROUP will be proceeding to the tip-top textile group with R&D efforts and best customer service.